RevPunx Team - Jonathan Saelens

(Pics and vids will be added soon)

Name: Jonathan Saelens

Ever since picking up a yoyo at the age of 12 and learning the basics I was hooked! I've been yoyoing over 12 years now and have competed at numerous contests including state, regional and globally. When I'm not competing you'll see me creating  trick videos that showcase my most difficult and creative tricks.

I also perform at various events and have performed on Wavy News 10, Saturday Morning show, Hampton Roads Show, Beach Street USA and  ABC news 13 News Now.

If you ever see me at a contest feel free to come up and say hi! I love meeting new players and sharing tricks.

Instagram: Yoyoprojon


Birthday: April 27th 1988

Location: Virginia, USA

Ethnicity: Italian, Ukranian and Belgian

Favorite type of tricks: Slack tech and rejections.

Favorite style: 1A

Yoyoers that inspire me: Janos Karancz, Mikhail Tulabut, Eric Koloski, Takahiro Iizuka,  Yuuki Spencer, Michael Kurti and Andrew Maider.

Favorite yoyo memory: Seeing Yuuki compete and win worlds in 2007 as well as meeting all of my favorite players at the time

Favorite food: Japanese/Chinese/Most Asian

Other Hobbies: Cinematography, photography, video editing, motion graphics, Video games

Occupation: Yoyo demonstrator, wedding and portrait photographer, cinematographer, photo and video editor

Favorite movies: Star Wars trilogy, Back to the future trilogy, Rocky Balboa movies (especially 4)

Favorite Anime shows: Pokemon original 1st season, Dragonball Z and Super