Lucky Punk Fidget Spinner - Stainless Steel

  • $49.99

The Lucky Punk is an incredibly original dual-arm design fidget spinner by RevPunx! The asymmetric design is made with functionality and ergonomics in mind all the way while maintaining perfect balance. This spinner is perfectly smooth with zero hot-spots providing comfort for unlimited fidgetability! Plus, we're using the best bearing in the business on this one that will give you smooth, consistent spins again and again. 

-Stainless Steel body and buttons with brushed machined finished

-Easily accessible threaded bearing retention system to avoid extra friction on bearing providing optimal performance

-Featuring FZ Essentials SBv2 high performance r188 bearings!

-Removable twist off comfortable buttons with a new lip and a small, perfectly centered rounded dot for feel and grip! 

-Size: 58.5mm x 31.2mm x 12.7mm (LxWxH) 

-Weight: 77.6g