Mini Royal Punk (The Prince) - Copper

  • $34.99

After a long period of requests by the community to make a mini version of the Royal Punk, it's finally here! Introducing, "The Prince" (or Mini Royal Punk)! 

Sized down considerably, and with some minor design changes, we've smoothed out all the edges and gone from the classic diamond shape, to a new flashy spade! The RevPunx buttons you all love have been sized down as well! Keeping the same general aesthetic but coming in at 20mm diameter now. 

-Stainless Steel body and finger pads

-The same easily accessible and quick changing vertical bearing retention as all our current spinners. 

-Removable twist off buttons with a small, perfectly centered indentation for balancing on the tip of a pen, knife-point, etc! 

-Featuring FZ Essentials SBv2 high performance r188 bearings!

-Size: 46mm Diamter, 11mm Height (with buttons) 

-Weight: 46.3g