PsychoFantom PROTOTYPE Pre-Order

  • $60.00

With all the hype so far and a few requests, we are opening up this pre-order to allow you to get in on the next round of prototyping for the PsychoFantom! The first few protos are still really great but needed some tweaks, and we are pretty confident this next batch will be the winner!

However it is still a prototype, so that means that we cannot guarantee that there will be no issues, such as vibe, etc. You will be getting the exact same yoyo that we are! Of course yours will be dressed up a bit more when we send them out. With that being said we do not reuse colors from prototyping on the production run which means that this red on this yoyo will only be available for THIS prototype run! And now you can get in on the exclusivity. 

On top of that, all who take part in this prototype pre-order will receive a coupon code for a hefty discount on either the official run of the PsychoFantom, or an Incarnate. 

7075 Aluminum

Width: 45mm
Diameter: 55.44mm
Gap: 4.6mm
Weight: 65g

Estimated ship-out date will be 4-6 weeks after pre-order closes (undetermined currently). PLEASE include your email at checkout if you would like updates during that time. 

First picture is rendered version of the most updated design, second and third are of most recent prototype phase.