Royal Punk Fidget Spinner- Stainless Steel

  • $36.99

Finally here is the Royal Punk! A tri-arm fidget spinner carefully designed with ergonomics, weight distribution, and centrifugal force in mind and a classy aesthetic bound to demand anyone's attention. An original RevPunx design made reality by collaborating with Spinetic Spinners.

-Stainless Steel body and buttons with machined finished

-Easily accessible vertical pressed bearing retention system to avoid extra friction on bearing providing optimal performance

-Steel 10-ball R188 bearing

-Removable twist off buttons etched with our logo and a small, perfectly centered indentation for balancing on the tip of a pen, knife-point, etc! 

-Size: 64mm 

-Weight: 78g


We can flame-treat your SS Royal Punk prior to sending it out, giving it a truly one-of-a-kind look. Flame treating consists of cleaning and then heating up the body of the spinner and buttons if chosen to create interesting colors/gradients. As this process is done by hand, no 2 flame treated spinners will look the same. If you choose this option, please mention in order notes whether you want the buttons flamed as well, or left clean.