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A unique, high-end, bimetal, H-shape yoyo. Complete with centering bearings, custom boutique string, each hand tested before being sent out. In all it's glory. 

This yoyo you was heavily inspired in different ways from the throws I used to appreciate in my hayday; YoYoJam, Duncan, Dif-e-Yo, etc. But as we at RevPunx have prided ourselves with originality in anything we attempt to design, we’ve thrown our own twist of a modern style on it. As a culmination of these past and present features, we’ve decided to name it, “The Incarnate”. This yoyo plays phenomenally even though it is not meant to be a generic competition style throw. Everyone needs some diversity and this does not disappoint! 

Check out the prototype review by Throws N' Brews, HERE!

The Specs:
Bi-metal design: Bead blasted 6061 Aluminum body with Stainless Steel rings

Diameter: 54.8mm 
Width: 40mm 
Gap Width: 4.64mm 
19mm response pads 
Weight: 65.5 grams 

If you wish to order 2 for a reduced price of $175.00 simply use code "DoubleDown" at checkout!

Each Incarnate yoyo will also come with Lady Luck Yoyo String!

Please note that with the evolution of the modern yoyo, this is an UNRESPONSIVE yoyo. Meaning you will need to learn how to bind to get it to return to your hand. Because of this though, the yoyo is able to keep up with modern modern tricks and techniques consisting of multiple string layers, etc. 



***This is a pre-order for The Incarnate, with estimated shipping date of early June. ***